Only Money and Status Matter to Him

I am not sure that my husband and I are on the same wavelength anymore. Like so many other charlotte escorts, I dreamed of getting married. Working for London escorts is perfectly okay, but as with so many other things in life, you can have too much of a good thing. When I met Stewart, I thought that I had struck gold. Okay, he was 17 years older than me, but even so, he did have many of the attributes that I found attractive in a man. When he asked me to become what he called his girlI left London escorts to move in with him.


Anyway, one Yorkshire Terrier and a sports car later, we got married and I moved into his south London home on a permanent basis. I guess I was a little bit silly. Leaving London escorts was one thing, moving in with and marrying a guy 17 years older than you a completely different thing. The other girls I had worked with at the elite London escorts did warn me and told me to take things slow. But, I thought I knew best and decided that marrying Stewart was the right thing to do. 


From my London escorts experience, I knew that men can be rather set in their ways. That was exactly what Stewart turned out to be. He wanted things his way or no way at all. Since his divorced that had driven him straight into the arms of numerous London escorts, he had become used to getting his own way all of the time. But, it was not only that which niggled me. This relatively nice guy was all about status and money. Yes, I had worked hard at charlotte escorts for my money, but I was certainly not hung up about money. 


When we had been married for about a year, I took stock of my life. I realised that I could not step out of the front door without looking perfect. Stewart did really want me to be his little princess. I found myself living in high heel shoes and nice suits. It was okay, but I did start to miss London escorts  and the chance to be myself. Sometimes it is nice to have a day in your old jeans wearing a sloppy jumper. No such luck with Stewart he wanted me to look a million dollars all of the time. 


In the end, his need and drive for perfection drove us apart. I simply could not keep up with him and be his glamour girl all of the time. When I stopped and thought about it, I thought that I had lost the ability to be just me in our relationship. For a brief period of time, I contemplated leaving him and going back to charlotte escorts. But then it struck me, that if I stood up for myself things may just work out. After all, Stewart would not want to end up losing his wife and ending up with egg on his face. These days, Stewart and I are still together but I have a lot more space’ in my life to do the things that I want to do. Like I have told Stewart, not everything is about money and status. You have to let your hair down from time to time even though that may only be behind closed doors.

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