I am sure that there are many men like me around London.

Dating escorts was first of all something really new to me but I soon started to enjoy myself. It was great fun, and I enjoyed the sexy companionship of the ladies. After a long marriage it was just wonderful to have some sexy companionship without any strings attached, and I am sure that many gents feel exactly the same way. The only problem is that I have fallen in love with one of the London escorts that I date. I did not expect this to happen but I just couldn’t help myself.

Of course, we are very different people. First of all I am 52 years old, and she is 23 years old. It is rather an age difference, so I suppose for that reason alone. The relationship is not very likely to work out. We are very similar and seem to enjoy the same things in my life. As a matter of fact, when we are together, we can’t stop talking and that is nice. Conversation has always been important to me, but I never thought I would want to lay my life bare to a young girl fromĀ https://charlotteaction.org services.

When I initially started dating escorts, I did not expect it to last for a very long time. I thought I might have a few months of sexy fun, but two years later I am still dating London escorts. A lot of that has to do with Annika of course, and I dread the day it all has to stop. I am planning on moving abroad, and have bought a three bedroom place in Spain. I would love to take my little Annika with me but I am frighten to ask, If she says no, I think that I would be heart broken.

I have told a couple of my best friends about Annika. Mind you, I have not told any of them that she works for London escorts. To be honest I feel a bit embarrassed about dating London girls, it is like I can’t get any regular girlfriends. I am sure that many gents who date escorts don’t discuss with their friends, so I am trying to avoid the issue. Some of them are a bit suspicious about the amount of time that I spend with my girls, but I don’t really care. I do love seeing my Annika.

Maybe other men have fallen in love with their dates from London escorts, and I am not the only one. I think I should perhaps pick up some courage from somewhere, and find out if Annika would like to go out on a genuine date. It would be nice to get to know each other a little bit better and find out if we have more things in common than we realize. Many gents my age do end up with younger ladies, and I just can’t see the harm in it. It might even work out.

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