He simply must care!

I think that I am have met the man of my dreams on a charlotte escorts booking. Normally I don’t get so personally involved with the men I date at London escorts. Sure, I know my regulars well enough and I feel passionate about most of them. But, at the same time, I can’t say that I have one man in my crowd of regulars that really stands out. That was until I met Alexander. First of all, he is really tall and dashing, on top of that, I think that he actually cares for me.

Okay, so many of my regulars at London escorts are always buying me gifts and presents which is nice. However, I am not sure that it means that they actually care for me when I stop and think about it. Most of them seem to be only interested in what they can get out of a booking. Alexander is different from that. We went out on a business lunch date about a week ago. After the date, my feet were really aching, and Alexander took me to buy some new shoes before he dropped me back to my charlotte escorts boudoir. I was totally surprised, to be honest.

I have only known Alexander for a couple of weeks, but during that time, he has certainly done some nice things for me. As most other London escorts, I am rather pushed for time and don’t always get a chance to do all of the things that I want to do. I had been having some plumbing problems in my apartment and had not had the time to see get the plumber in. As it happened, I mentioned the problems to Alexander on a London escorts date, and before I knew it, he had sent his plumber around to sort things out.

It is little things like that which makes me think Alexanders really care about me. I am sure that if I told Alexander that my car had broken down, he would be there before the man from the AA. It is nice to date someone with such an easy going personality who can at the same time make you feel that you are special. I have told the other girls at charlotte escorts about Alexander, and rather a few of them are jealous of me.

I keep looking out for signs that Alexander really cares about me. There are there all of the time. Even fact that he rushes around to open a car door for me, or a door into a hotel room surprises me. The little things do matter, and I have not come across a guy like Alexander before at London escorts. I guess the trick is to have some old fashion charm and manners. That sort of thing can even impress the toughest and sexiest girl at London escorts. When I know that I have a date with Alexander coming up. I simply can’t wait to get into London escorts and start my shift. I wonder how many girls escorts in London feel like that about their clients.

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