Do I really need him

There are days when I wonder if I really need my boyfriend. In the last couple of weeks it has been terrible. He has not done anything at home and I have been rushed off my feet here at London escorts. When I have come home from the escort agency, he has still expected me to do all of the run of the mill things like shopping and stuff like that. It does not really work for me and I feel that I am doing too much.

Like I have said to my girls at London escorts, I am so exhausted all of the time. Last night his dog was not feeling very well and I ended up having to take it out. Despite me trying to wake him up, he did not respond. To be honest, I think that he was actually pretending to be a sleep. It really annoyed me and I noticed that I looked really washed out this morning as I got out of bed. There is no way that I am going to be able to cope with that at all.

Most of the girls here at London escorts think that I should drop him like a shot. I know where they are coming from but I do essentially love this guy. The only problem is that I do feel like I am a slave to him. I do the cooking and I end up doing the dishes as well. All of this goes on when he sits on the sofa and watches our big screen TV that I paid for. I am sure that I am actually turning into a mug and I should not be doing everything for this guy.

When I had a day away from London escorts the other day, I had to stay at home all day. There was no way that I would have time to go out with the girls for lunch and do the housework as well. My boyfriend and I have been living together for about eight weeks now and I cannot believe how much laundry he produces. For some reason he seems to be unable to turn on the washing machine and start doing the laundry himself. It would be nice if he took some interest in our our lives together.

Some girls blame their boyfriend’s mum when they get a lazy boyfriend. I don’t do that at all. I think it is just up to him to take an interest in what happens around him. He takes that great big dog of his into work and makes fuss out of it. I am beginning to think that he thinks more of the dog than he does of me and that I am sort of becoming a slave to both him and the dog. I am not sure what has happened to me. In many ways I am beginning to feel really under confident and I am not sure that I can handle both my boyfriend and working for London escorts. It simply feels like it is too much for me.

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